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“They took everything!” Michael tells the police frantically; his home has just been burgled while he and his family were away. Michael’s plight is all too familiar around London, with thieves and burglars leaving no street untouched and no family feeling safe. The police are helpless as the burglar disappears without as much as a cent.

London has always been a city with a high crime rate; with around 8400 cases of theft, 2524 cases of breaking and entering and 250+ robberies, it can be very unsafe if you are not well equipped against these possibilities. At GuardSys we strive to protect your home through the installation of criminal deterrents such as CCTV’s and alarms. Since London has many compactly placed houses, a single alarm can alert a large number of households against the possibility of theft.

Securing your home is a very precise task and may require specific knowledge and/or skill regarding security planning. Sensors and other mechanisms must be installed in the vulnerable entry points that may be used by a burglar to enter into a home. At Guardsys, we offer consultant services that help identify these spots and point out affordable and easy ways to secure a home without a hassle.

An option offered by us is the alarm receiving center. It is a feature that connects your home security system to us, so that if an alarm is triggered, we will be notified and verify your security immediately through a phone call. In the event there is no reply, or we recognize a reply under duress, we will have an emergency services dispatch sent immediately to verify or ensure that you are safe from harm.

Security systems require regular upkeep and maintenance, if you desire proper security, have some of our personnel conduct routine checks and repairs that will allow you to sleep easy while knowing that the security system is functioning at the optimum level. A good alarm system will scare away most burglars and ensure that they do not return. It will make them panic and may perhaps even help catch them.

It has long been said that prevention is better than a cure, that is why many residents of London have turned to us at GuardSys to protect their homes and families. We equip homes with state of the art security systems, and support these systems with well trained professionals who are available 24×7. Our burglar alarms are tamper proof and will deter criminals from even looking at your door. With perfect intruder detection systems and a rapid response time, we are slowly but surely making London a safer place for its citizens.

It is a fact that such services may cost a pretty penny, but the cost of protecting what is dear to you can never be too high. That is why you should choose and employ professionals who will guarantee your wellbeing 24×7. Choose GuardSys for the best equipment, the best service and the reassurance of a protected home for your loved ones.


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