Preventative maintenance is crucial
in keeping your security systems effective.


Fire Alarm Maintenance In London

Fire Alarm Maintenance in London For Your Safety and Compliance

Fire alarm maintenance in London is a legal requirement and for a good reason.

Having a functional fire alarm is the first line of defense if the worst happens. A fire can spread in minutes and before you know it, it could be too late to evacuate.

A fire alarm is of no use if it doesn’t respond immediately after the sensors detect smoke or heat. Every second counts in such unfortunate scenarios.

These systems are complex. Sensors, relays, panels, batteries, and other elements can be at fault or about to fail. Proper maintenance means preventing your fire alarm from failing and keeping it ready for the worst-case scenarios.

Every home, commercial, and the government-owned property has a fire alarm. Some are more complex than others but every alarm needs a scheduled maintenance service.

If the fire alarm fails, lives may be lost, and the material damage is going to be substantial. Fire alarm maintenance is a crucial element in saving lives and properties.

Fire alarm maintenance is also a way to cut down on costs. Repairing a broken system is often more expensive than keeping it in working order. Maintenance contracts are a cost-effective solution for staying safe and compliant.

Fire Alarm Maintenance In London

What can go wrong – common fire alarm faults

Depending on the fire alarm type and premises size, there can be many different issues your alarm will experience over its lifespan.

This is not a question of if it will happen. Most of these problems are unavoidable given enough time. However, a trained fire alarm engineer will easily spot these problems in advance, prevent the issue and keep the alarm in a functioning state.

1. Battery fault

Batteries are the first area of concern with almost every fire alarm system. They drain over time and lose their efficiency. Once the battery loses about a third of its rated capacity it should be replaced depending on the fire alarm system.

A battery will inevitably lose its rated capacity, voltage, and increase its internal resistance. All of this leads to a faulty link in the system that can lead to your fire alarm not firing when it’s needed the most.

2. Faulty smoke/duct detectors

A dirty detector may cause false fire alarms. This is especially the case in areas with high amounts of airborne particulates like dust.

False alarms can become a nuisance, especially if you are a large business.

3. Notification Device Failures

Strobe lights and sounding horns are susceptible to failure due to aging. In time, they will simply stop working because they are constantly under electrical load in case they have to fire up the notification sounds.

Their internal components will fail eventually, and this is something that needs to be prevented. The fire alarm won’t do much unless you hear it or see the strobes flashing.

This was a very short outlook of possible faults. There are relay failures that can prevent fire doors from functioning, ground faults that may render the entire system useless, degradation of heat-sensing equipment in the heat detectors, and many other faults that need to be prevented.

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Who should you call for Fire Alarm Maintenance in London

You should work only with the engineers who have stood the test of time.

Guard Security Systems stands at your disposal 24/7. Our engineers are some of the best in the entire UK. We can work with any system, even if we didn’t install it ourselves.

Our engineers have installed, repaired, and maintained thousands of fire alarm systems in London. We serve residential, commercial, and government-owned properties.

Our team is licensed, experienced, and ready to help.

We can do one-off maintenance or you can enter into a contract with us. It’s completely up to you. Book our services today and we will help you get the most out of your system.

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