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London has always been a city with a high crime rate; with around 8400 cases of theft, 2524 cases of breaking and entering and 250+ robberies, it can be very unsafe if you are not well equipped against these possibilities. 

At GuardSys we protect your premises through installation of criminal deterrents such as CCTV’s and Burglar alarms.

Since London has many compactly placed houses, a single burglar alarm can alert a large number of households against the possibility of theft.

Securing your home or business is a very precise task and may require specific knowledge or skill regarding security planning. Sensors and other mechanisms must be installed in the vulnerable entry points that may be used by a burglar to enter into a home. At Guardsys, we offer consultant services that help identify these spots and point out affordable and easy ways to secure a home without a hassle.

GuardSysTM becomes an obvious choice for cost effective, future-proof security installations that improve security for your home and business.

It has long been said that prevention is better than a cure; that is why many residents of London have turned to us at GuardSys to protect their homes and business.

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It is a fact that such services may cost a pretty penny, but the cost of protecting what is dear to you can never be too high. That is why you should choose and employ professionals who will guarantee your well-being 24×7.

Choose GuardSys for all of your security needs.

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  • Security systems range in price, so your budget is no matter, you shouldn’t have to go into debt in order to safeguard your home.
  • Decide between a monitored or non-monitored system. Non-monitored systems set off a loud alarm when tripped because it rely on sensors. They are the most affordable security systems available but only provide limited protection. Monitored systems are connected to our alarm monitoring systems which provides 24/7 uninterrupted monitoring 365 days per year and are poised to contact the police within minutes if a break-in is confirmed.
  • Decide between a wireless or wired security systems. Wired security system need a light amount of drilling and construction work for installation. Wireless security system is battery-powered and requires minimal to none drilling.
  • 12 months full warranty on all parts and labor
  • GuardSys offer a free consultation service to help you determine what type of system will best serve your needs as well as ongoing customer service.
  • No matter what type of systems you decide upon, put out a sign announcing your security systems. This alone can be a deterrent to a break-in.
  • At last, remember to let your insurance company know you’ve installed a monitored alarm system, which may result in a reduction of around 20 percent in your homeowner’s insurance premium.

Choose guard security systems for all of your security needs


Guard Security System have been providing maintenance for my audio and video entry systems for a number of years. I have recently had my audio and video entry systems fully upgraded by Guard Security System and found them very knowledgeable of the latest technology and I am always assured that Guard Security System will not sell me something I do not need. Efficient service and good quality customer service.


GuardSys has installed fire alarms for our school with their service was exceptional. and we look forward for future service with them.


Guard Security System provide us with fire alarms on our building sites as well as alarm monitoring. The staff are polite and professional and helpful. You can use them for your security needs with no hesitation


Fire alarms installed at our office. We would use them again as we found them to be very proactive & great value for money


Well done !Very quick response on our CCTV enquiry . We loved your service and like our new CCTV camera system.


Very friendly guys. Prices are reasonable and the responsiveness of the staff is very  good too. This company uses only top of the range products from which you won’t be disappointed.


Guard Security Systems have been working closely with our company since  the summer of 2013 to plan, install, monitor and maintain our CCTV system.  Our company is responsible for the security of our customer’s personal goods and as such a reliable CCTV system is imperative to our business.  We have no hesitation in recommending GuardSys for their technical expertise, reliability and professionalism.


We had CCTV installed last week, and our offices feel much safer. Anyone can use GuardSys without any hesitation.


System repaired correctly without fuss, many thanks.


“I did a couple of months of research and it came down to the Guard Security Systems. After all it beat out any other system we reviewed. Their customer service is also of a great help. The Finest CCTV installations at competitive prices. Thank you Guard Security Systems.”

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