So you Think Your Home in London is Secure

“An Englishman’s home is his castle”. It also houses your most precious possessions, your family! Now, we all know that burglars are becoming more and more sophisticated and it is a constant battle for the home security manufacturers to come up with new and improved solutions. Crime is on the increase all over the country, but London, in particular is a hot spot for break-ins and burglaries.

There are a number of ways to make your home a lot less attractive to intruders, allowing you to sleep safely at night. The first type of home security that we all think of when looking to protect our home is a burglar alarm. There are some excellent alarms on the market to suit all budgets, which are a real deterrent. Any crime prevention officer will tell you that a home without a burglar alarm will be chosen every time over a home with this sort of protection.

London has a high crime rate, so it is more important than ever to have a burglar alarm installed. As London is a very densely populated area, many houses are close to each other, so if a burglar alarm goes off, the sound will be heard by lots of people, giving the burglar a much higher chance of being scared off or caught before he has a chance to do any damage to you, your family or possessions.

An even better way to protect your home in London is to install a burglar alarm that is connected to alarm receiving centre. For  annual subscription, if the alarm is activated, the security company will call your number to make sure everything is okay. If there is no answer or the correct passcode isn’t given, the security centre will call a nominated key holder or the police to come round a check things out. Whilst this will cost you more than a non-connected burglar alarm, it gives you and your family extra peace of mind and that is priceless.

Everyone wants the best home security system that they can afford, so it is worth spending some time doing your research to find the best alarm for you. Points you need to consider when choosing an alarm system are:

The size of your property. The more rooms there are the more sensors you will need, which will affect the cost of the alarm. If cost is an issue, perhaps consider having a sensor only in the most vulnerable areas of the house, such as the more accessible downstairs rooms and windows.

Whether you want a basic bell only alarm, a speech dialer or fully monitored alarm system.

Do you want a wired or wireless system?

Are you planning to install the system yourself? Many basic, bell only alarms are pretty easy to fit, so if you are confident in your ability, this is a good way to save some money. However, if you are buying any more than a basic alarm, always use a qualified alarm expert to install the equipment so you can be confident it works to the optimum level.

Are you considering additional security measures such as a panic button?

Your budget. For all of us, this is the bottom line. We all want the best, but realistically we can only buy the best that we can afford.

Before making your decision, make sure you check out as many companies as possible. Ask around for recommendations. Only use companies that are reputable and recommended and offer great customer service, both before and after installation. You can have the greatest security system in London, but if it goes wrong and there is no after sales maintenance, it’s money down the drain.