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Your business is like your second home.

Every business owner has given years of their life to hard work and picturing your business being robbed will most likely send a shiver down your spine and fill you with anger.

Unfortunately, there are people out there that don’t care about your hard work and the love for what you created.

These are the people you must keep away from your business and proper office security systems will do just that. Prevent unauthorized access, deter crime and only allow employed personnel and customers to access the business.

Depending on the size of the office and the type of business we are talking about, there could be a need for a lot of different office security systems.

Burglar alarms, CCTV, door entry systems and etc. There are multiple ways to implement office security systems.

A proper office security systems design will be effective and cost efficient. Just because you are trying to secure your business doesn’t mean that it needs a ton of money. Designing a office security system has to have safety as a priority but it is possible to work with different budgets and levels of security.

Not everyone will need maximum security. Not everyone’s office contains highly valuable items, data or anything else that may attract high-level crime. But if your office is in need of top protection we can provide that just like any other level of protection.

Now let’s see some different office security systems you may need to implement.


Burglar alarms

This is the bare minimum you should have. No business is safe without it and the better the office security systems design, the better the protection.

Burglar alarms act as one of the best deterrents of crime and if the worst is to happen they can let everyone know what is happening.Checo out our Best alarm systems in the UK guide

GuardSys™ has installed so many alarms that it’s hard to keep track of. We have installed and repaired thousands of NSI approved alarms in homes, offices, hospitals, schools and even Police authorities.

The experience we gathered over the years is what makes us the perfect partner to work with. We can design an optimal office burglar alarm for your office and make it much safer at a fair price.

Office Security SystemsCCTV

CCTV security systems act as a special kind of deterrent to crime. Being filmed clearly while committing a burglary or doing anything else of that nature is not something criminals want to happen.

But besides CCTV cameras that are meant to be visible, there are covert cameras too. Miniature, domed or standard cameras. The system may include motion and anomaly detection and analytics.

There are many ways to design a CCTV system for office protection. Usually, a simple approach will do the trick but we are more than capable of securing large businesses that need several layers of protection.

Door Entry Systems

Depending on the type of business you have, the door entry system may be a part of the office security systems that is needed.

We specialize in the installation of audio and video door entry systems for office & businesses. This kind of system will further improve the safety of your office.

No one gets in unless let in. This protects your office from any unauthorized access. Check our Access Control System Installation

Office Security Systems in London

Let’s Protect Your Office

GuardSys™ has over 45 years of combined real world experience. Our engineers all hold Master’s degrees in electronic engineering and have years of on site experience.

We would love to do a site survey and design an office security systems that is specific to your business needs. That way you will get the office security systems that will protect you from the dangers you are actually exposed to. No need to overspend and our engineers know that.

Everyone on our team works hard to protect your premises in the best way possible in accordance with the threat level and the budget you can allocate. Book us now, don’t wait, because the crime doesn’t wait.

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