Why Should You Have Access Control Systems for Your Business?

Apr 23 2015

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By: GuardSys

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Businesses large and small are concerned with their security. But many people choose to “hope for the best” instead of taking steps to secure their businesses. Access control systems allow you to take control of your security solutions.

Do you need an access control systems?
It is important for businesses of every size to keep important data and remove threats. All businesses acknowledge this basic security concern by placing locks on the door and giving keys to employees that need to access these locks. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may need access control systems:

  • Is a lost or stolen key a security threat to your business?
  • Do you need different access for different employees and clients?
  • Would it be really beneficial to restrict access based on time or day?
  • Do you need a record of people’s “comings and goings?
  • Could your employees/clients be more secure?

Benefits of access control systems

The benefits of access control systems are thus many:

  • Audit trail – With access control systems, you will have a record of every opening and attempted opening of each door or specific area. The audit trail can be valuable in resolving employee issues.
  • Time/day restrictions – Do you have certain employees that should only be there at certain times and days. An access control system make more sense to control their access than to give them a key that allows access at any time or day.
  • Lost or stolen keys – When keys are lost or stolen, it is an expensive process for a business to completely rekey each door. Access control systems allow you to remove access by deactivating the I.D. badges or other security credentials.
  • Remote access control – Many access control systems allow you to control of all of the business’ locks from one main system. With access control systems, you can easily and quickly lock down your businesses in an emergency as well as add and remove credentials.

GuardSysTM is committed to your security needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you secure your business with access control systems.

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