Door Entry Systems

Door Entry Systems Servicing And Maintenance

Design,installation,commissioning and maintenance of  door entry systems.


People use door entry systems in private residencies, blocks of flats or businesses to identify visitors and authorise access. Door entry system are extremely useful for properties that contain extensive driveways with an automatic gate of a multi-tenanted residential building.
Audio entry systems
This kind of entry systems will allow you to talk to the callers before you let them in. The door can then be opened physically by opening the door yourself, or from the convenience of a remote location via internet.
Video entry system
This kind of systems provide you the features as same as an audio system, however it will also display images of callers for extra level of security.


A simple but reliable range that offers product reliability at an affordable cost, we offer the following features with our video entry systems:


  • Choice of vandal resistant or standard panels
  • Multiple entrance, landing and local calling
  • System flexibility of additional handsets and monitors
  • Brightness and contrast controls
  • Multiple call tones
  • Functional dial
  • High quality video images
  • Flexible desk conversion kits
  • External Adjustments
  • Available in satin or polished, chrome or brass
  • Different colours of handsets and panels available
  • Minimum wiring requirements
  • Lock Button
  • Self-Button
  • Talk Button


Guard Security Systems installs, maintain and repair all type of door entry systems. We are established installers of door entry systems in all London areas.

We can offer you the very latest door entry systems in all London areas that provide a range of options for each door entry systems scenario, we can supply, design, install and maintain a system to fulfill your specific security needs that keeps your premises safe, secure and manageable.


Call one of our friendly staff on 0207 887 2244 or email us at or book a free survey and we will get back to you shortly.

door entry systems london

Door Entry Systems London – Choose the right one for you

Door entry systems London are ideal for remote doors especially if they need to be secure and only allow access to visitors or staff to certain areas in your premises or working areas. They are excellent in giving access to disabled staff or visitors, especially if they require assistance as they can contact help by using the entry phone unit.

Guard Security Systems (GuardSys) is totally independent and can fit a number of high quality door entry systems London from various manufacturers with a variety of finishes to suit your décor.

Door Entry Systems London – Choose the right one

We offer door entry systems for all types of dwellings, from small house to large, even a block of flats with a number of floors and multi occupancy to a small apartment with single occupancy. No matter, whatever your security needs we can assure you that we offer the high-quality services for all kinds of door entry systems London for you.


Audio Door Entry Systems London are the cheapest of all the systems and will allow the owner of the property to talk with the visitor before opening the door to them. This may be an option for the occupant that is not required as he/she may wish to speak to the visitors and then take a decision to open the door. This is quite common and stops tailgating such as another person following the visitor in to the premises at the same time.

door entry systems london

Video Door Entry Systems London can be viewed in black & white or color and, although this is more costly than the Audio version, it enables the occupant to see who is in front of the door.  This is much more reassuring and you may feel more inclined to use the door release button on the Handset once you have had sight of your visitors.


Door Entry Systems London can be integrated with your access control system to provide a full security needs. This can have a tradesman facility to allow access to authorized tradesmen such as the postman, milkman, bin man etc. although this is more commonly used in commercial premises or residential buildings and not necessarily private dwellings.

We often work with architects during the design stage to ensure that the correct door entry systems London is specified for the property or development. This ensures that the door entry systems London combines with the aesthetics of the building.

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