The Complete Finance Solution

Investing in new Security Systems can put pressure on a business’s finances, why not spread the cost and safeguard your company’s cashflow?No one pays their staff 3 years salary in advance, why should you pay for your equipment 3 or 5 years in advance, before it has started to contribute profit to your business. For many, leasing just makes common sense!

We are pleased to be able to offer a quick and simple way of purchasing your new security equipment, through our preferred leasing partner, Focus Leasing.

Unlimited Benefits For Your Business

Increased Cashflow

All purchases are operational and delivered without any capital expense. The cash needed is in accordance to the present requirement without any outlay.

Credit Line Regulation

The facility enables you to keep all existing banking and credit cashless for suitable use. Guard Security Systems Limited finance facilities cannot be withdrawn unlike overdraft facilities. It is advisable to induce into bank funding for the work capital to help improvise business.

Budget Simplification

Banking benefits are in general related to interest rate, which however is good when low. Any increase in the rate can cause abnormalities in cashflow resulting in lower outlay. Guard Security System Limited payments are fixed throughout the agreement term. Thus clients get benefited with forecasting accuracy and easier budgeting.

Pay for Equipment with Profits

Easier payment alignment with benefits of acquiring new equipment enables you to pay later. There is no need to pay for staffing costs beforehand. As the new equipment helps you reap profit you can conduct easier payment. Simple!

Maintenance and Upgrade

The equipment can be upgraded or even supplemented any time. Thus to avoid issues with requirement changes make sure you keep equipment features up-to-date to facilitate the job.

Two-Way Simple Approval

The first aspect is that all lease processes can be classified as revenue for budget needs. This makes it easier to obtain authorization for expenditure. Secondly, it just takes one phone call to initiate the process and approval is usually obtained the same day.

Spread the cost of your investment
Finance periods from 1 to 5 years
Minimum equipment cost £1000.00 plus VAT
No maximum value
Fixed monthly payments
New start and non-limited businesses considered
Blue-chip organisations and local authorities catered for
Quick decisions and prompt payment of your invoice


To find out more or receive a quotation tailored to your specific requirements contact us now  or you can simply apply direct for finance by clicking on this link HERE

* Finance is subject to credit and available to non-regulated corporate customers only.Finance provided by Focus Leasing .