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Types of Wireless Intruder Alarm Monitoring Service

Alarm Alerts

Intruder alarm monitoring services are basically three types. It ensures that a concerned body gets alerted as soon as an alarm goes off. These services include the speech dialers, key holder contacts and police response services. All the three types of wired or wireless intruder alarm services are available on both wired and wireless intruder alarm. On the other hand these alarms and their installations need to conform to certain rules and regulations.


Wired or Wireless Intruder Alarm Monitoring

Intruder alarm monitoring contracts require extra payments that need to be made on a monthly or on an annual basis. Monitoring contracts ensure that an authorized key holder or the police get alerted as soon as the alarm gets activated. The basic mechanism is that a wired or wireless intruder alarm system connects to an alarm receiving center (ARC) as soon as the alarm gets triggered; representatives sitting at the center get notified and from the receiving center, they call up the home for a password identification. In case this is incorrect or there is no reply, they either take a designated action or inform the key holder or police.


1. Speech dialer – This service is also called the text alert service in which a wired or wireless intruder alarm is either built in or connected to an alarm. As soon as the alarm gets activated, the speech dialer calls or texts a certain set of phone numbers that are preset by the owner. This type of alarm monitoring service is better than expensive professional monitoring services because there is no need to pay any fees for monthly or yearly. Best part is that these applications are free because they are built in and get automatically activated when problem arises.


2. Key holder monitoring for wired or wireless intruder alarm is generally security company provided service. Here the receiving center responds to an alarm’s trigger or contacts authorized key holders. Such services require maintenance contracts for regular wired or wireless intruder alarm checks. In case of breakdowns, extra costs are borne by the owner.


3. Police monitoring services for wired or wireless intruder alarms are also paid and come in addition to receiving center activation. Here the police will be contacted by the alarm receiving center directly. For this alarm service, we are registered with the local police force.

In case of false alarms from wired or wireless intruder alarm, the key holder and police monitoring services might incur a fine on the homeowner. Even then, these are great ways to ensure that your property is safe all the times and in case of burglaries, the miscreants get nabbed immediately.

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