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Wireless House Alarms: Security of Your Home, And Freedom of Your Pet

Have you been wondering about getting a alarm system installed at your home for a long time now? Does having a pet prevent you from doing so? Do you think wireless house alarms will interfere with the freedom of your pet?

Chances are that you might not be aware of wireless house alarms that are pet-friendly and now easily available in the market. Nowadays, the regular wireless house alarms, which come with paid monitoring and maintenance services, can be upgraded with pet-friendly sensors. This advanced technology will enable your pets to move freely in the premises of your property even when the alarm is activated.

An important benefit of wireless house alarms is that the chances of any false alarm being triggered are reduced to a bare minimum level. This upgrade will not cost you a fortune but a reasonable additional cost per month.

In addition the installation of wireless house alarms is easy as there is no need to drill any holes through the walls or to lift any carpets for the purpose of wiring. Moreover, there is hardly any need to move the furniture. So these systems can be set-up in a couple of hours.

Remember, a good security company like ourselves will offer you a free survey of your property. This is to analyze the property and design a layout for the wireless house alarms that suit your needs. After a tailored plan is made for your home, you will be provided with a professional installation service of the wireless house alarms.

So, you can now enjoy the sense of home security while you are far away, as the wireless house alarms protects your home all the times with pet-friendly technology. All these benefits, without any botheration to your beloved pet. Isn’t that great?

Pet Friendly Wireless House Alarms Services in all London Areas

If you are trying to find suitable wireless house alarms for the security, just call us on 0207 887 2244 or BOOK A FREE SURVEY for pet-friendly wireless house alarms.

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