Wireless Burglar Alarm

Advantages of Wireless Burglar Alarm

1. Easy Installation: One of the top advantages of a Wireless Burglar Alarm is that it does not require the destructive and costly installation of a wired burglar alarm. It requires electrical installation and also physical installation, which may require [expensive] contractor services to drill through granite and marble, reroute pipes to install a wired burglar alarm. But a Wireless Burglar Alarm needs only basic tools, a few screws, and some free time.

2. Battery-Powered: Though some wired systems have battery backup, it’s only emergency measures that deplete quickly. On the other hand, wireless burglar alarm are designed to function on battery power only (or primarily) and therefore offer a more robust and reliable system for battery power. If a home invader cuts your power lines, your wireless burglar alarm is still go for protection.

3. Range: The best wireless burglar alarm can easily communicate over hundreds of feet – more than double the range of a basic wired burglar alarm system. It will help to secure even far-flung property (like a detached garage or outbuildings that sit away from your home). And if you live on acreage, several wired systems can be linked together to create a comprehensive security net over your entire premises.

4. Cellular Network: Most wireless burglar alarm send out the alarm via cell phone signal. If power goes out or your phone lines are cut, your wireless burglar alarm is still connected to Alarm Receiving Center. Even the most effective robbery would have a hard time taking out the entire cell network.

5. Easy Troubleshooting: Your wireless burglar alarm installer can often identify remotely any problems with your wireless burglar alarm. This means that you can call technical service and have your fix during the same phone call – no technician visit required. Even a lot of wireless burglar alarms run their own troubleshooting programs automatically and proactively notify you of any problems or warning signs.

6. Easy Upgrades: Since each component of your burglar alarm system is wireless, it is easy to remove or replace one part to upgrade your systems. You can’t do any of that easily with a wired burglar alarm system.

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