Watch Out, There’s a Thief About

Your home should be a safe haven, where you can relax in privacy behind closed doors. Unfortunately in this day and age, there are many who do not respect this and think it is their right to force their way in and take whatever they want. Therefore, it makes sense to make your home as impenetrable as possible, keeping the burglars out and you and your family safe and snug inside.

There are many things you can do to make your home more secure and less appealing to the potential burglar. Don’t make it easy for them, the more difficult it is for the burglar to gain entry, the more likely they are to move on to the next property. Here are some great tips to keep you safe and sound:

Secure windows. Ensure all windows are shut and locked when you leave the property. Open window are a perfect entry for an opportunist thief. Remember to put the key out of sight.

Install a burglar alarm. There are many on the market, to suit all budgets, from the basic diy kit to the most sophisticated alarms that are monitored 24/7. GuardSys™ London will be able to recommend the best alarm for your requirements.

Ensure you have a decent lock on the front and back doors. Speak to your insurance company to see what they recommend, as they will probably have a minimum security requirement for your policy to be valid.

Install some motion sensor outside lighting. If the burglar’s activities are in the full glare of light, they will be put off and go elsewhere.

Shingle. Burglars hate a shingle drive or back garden as the noise made when it is walked on means it is impossible to approach a property silently.

Buy a dog. Most burglars are put off by the sound of a dog barking as they approach the property. Alternatively, there are now machines you can buy for a few pounds that will play a recording of a dog barking when your doorbell rings.

Install CCTV (closed circuit television). This is a perfect deterrent, as the thief knows that all his antics will be caught on camera and used in evidence against him. GuardSys™ London have a great range of CCTV systems and can recommend the perfect one for your property.

Don’t forget to secure your outside buildings. Many people forget that their outbuildings, such as garages and sheds are just as vulnerable to burglary. They are usually full of valuable equipment such as lawn mowers and other tools, so make sure they are secure.

Signs that a property is empty. If you are going away for a while, make sure you mow the lawn before you go and ask the neighbours to come in and pick up your post. An overgrown lawn and a letterbox full of mail screams “empty property”, a prime target for thieves.

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