Secure your home and business

Security systems are becoming more and more available, and the technology behind them is evolving every single day. In order to ensure that your home or business is completely safe, you should invest into a good security system.
There is a multitude of security systems you can choose from. It all depends on what you wish to secure and how much money you are willing to invest into it. Needles to say, the higher the security level, the more it will cost. The good news is, however, that the prices of security systems are going down and that you can install high quality security systems for affordable prices.
The crime statistics for United Kingdom over the last years indicate that private homes are victim to burglaries during the week, while businesses fall victim during the weekend. A well established security system will protect both offices and private homes. All your valuable possessions and data will be safe from intruders or vandalism. Should a burglary occur, high quality CCTV cameras will help with identifying the culprits. GuardSys™ London is a security provider that will help you build a security system according to your needs and expectations. It doesn’t matter whether you are interested in securing your private property or your business; they will make you a good deal and install state of the art security equipment. They have their own alarm receiving center, mobile patrol, keyholding services and close protection. They offer access control systems, audio/video control systems, burglar alarms, fire alarms and CCTV systems.
Choosing the right type of protection may be hard if you have to do it on your own. Are burglar alarms and access control systems enough for your business? Should you invest into some guard security systems as well? How about CCTV? You don’t have to worry about this; the GuardSys™ specialists are at your disposal: they will consult you about all the available options and what would work best for you. They will assess all the security factors and they will also do a risk analysis in order to draft the best possible security system for your needs.
Secure your home with their burglar and fire alarms. Their experts will visit your home, see what type of security fits best, install it and explain everything to you in detail. They have the best wireless intruder alarms London has to offer. All their security systems are connected with their alarm-receiving center and they have developed a close cooperation with the authorities. Should the alarm go off, they will be on the spot in no time.
Secure your business as well. Choose the best CCTV systems London has. The cameras are hard to notice, designed in such a way that they don’t stand out, and you can choose between regular CCTV cameras or IP cameras as well. Their access control systems will help you track your employees and you will always know who’s in your building, all thanks to the built-in log system. If you choose to install the audio or video entry systems as well, the chances that somebody will enter the building unauthorized are very slim. All the doors that require authorization to open have a fail safe mechanism – should there be power outage, you will still be able to open them safely.
Your keys are also safe with GuardSys™. They have the keyholding service – if you choose this service, they will have copies of all the keys you give them. The keys are held in a secure location and they are used only upon request of the owner. Should you lose your keys (yes, this is embarrassing, but it happens to many people), you can easily acquire a copy they hold for you, thereby saving money you would usually spend on a locksmith.