Protecting Your Premises with an Access Control System

All companies need to protect their premises from burglary, vandalism, industrial espionage and unwanted visitors, and the right access control system is a vital part of protecting your business. Offices and warehouses are full of valuable equipment and information and are often a prime target for the criminal fraternity.

London is a city with a high crime rate, so installing the best system possible to protect your premises even more important. Guardsys London is a well known London security company that specialises in access control systems installation in London.


What is an Access Control System, London?

Access control systems London does exactly what it says on the tin! It is a generic term that means security protection that aids you in preventing unwanted personnel from entering your premises.

One of the most popular forms of access control is a door access entry system. This allows only authorised personnel to enter the premises.

What is a Door Access Entry system?

A door access entry system is simple to use. Outside the protected door, there will be a control panel or scanner and an electric lock on the door. The authorised user will have been given the means to unlock the door by either entering the correct code or using the scanner. The correct information sends a message to the approved access list and the door is automatically opened. If the information is incorrect, then the door remains locked.

The same system can also be used to allow personnel to exit the building.

The information can be transmitted in a number of ways, depending on the system installed:-

Digital keypad entry system – unlocked by entering the correct code number on the keypad

Proximity card or fob entry system – the authorised user will be issued with an encrypted card or fob, which is scanned by the control panel.

Geometric scanner – the most sophisticated door access system. The user allows the machine to scan their hand to read their fingerprints and compare it against the list of authorised users

Door entry systems – these are telephone systems that can also have video verification by way of a security camera. 

Benefits of a Door Entry Control System

  • Unwanted personnel and intruders are unable to gain access through the protected door.
  • Protection can be a one door, stand-alone system or for multi doors
  • The system can keep a digital log of times/dates of entry and exit.
  • Access codes can be updated on a regular basis to increase the level of security.
  • The system is a useful aid during a fire alarm or emergency, as the system will have an up to date, accurate list of those who were in the building at the time, allowing firefighters and company managers know if there is anyone who hasn’t left the building and may be trapped.

Buying a Door Entry Control System

There are many companies in London that sell access control systems, but it is important to find a company who will offer you a choice of quality products designed especially for your specific requirements. Guardsys London offer a vast range of products and will visit your premises at a time to suit you to carry out a personal assessment of your needs.