Protecting your Business Premises From Burglars

When considering burglar alarms inLondonand other security systems, most people think about protecting their home against burglars and other unwanted intruders. However, offices and business premises also need a high level of protection. Packed full of valuable electronic equipment such as computers, laptops, telephones  it is just as important to ensure that your office or business premises is also covered.

So, what security systems should you consider when thinking about your business premises?

Burglar Alarms London 
A burglar alarm is a must for a business property. There are many different types of alarms from the basic standalone alarm to the sophisticated security system with motion sensors, floor pads and window sensors.

The constant noise of burglar alarms at all times of the day and night is a common sound inLondon. Unfortunately this means that alarms are generally ignored, especially if they are coming from an office or commercial premises as people often wrongly assume that the alarm has gone off accidentally and there is no-one in the building. The solution to this is to seriously consider installing an alarm that is connected to alarm receiving centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of the alarm going off, the control centre will automatically be notified and depending on the contract that you have, they will either check out the premises themselves, call the key holder or contact the police.

Access Control Systems, London
This system allows you to control who does and does not have access to your premises. The protected door will have a control panel or scanner nearby and an electronic lock on the door. The employee can gain entry by entering a code on the keypad or using the scanner to scan a key fob or card with their information on. The information is sent through to the authorised employee database and the door is unlocked if the information matches the database If it doesn’t, the door remains locked. The most sophisticated systems can now scan employees’ fingerprints.

CCTV Installation, London
Closed circuit television (CCTV) is an excellent security tool for business premises. Rapid development over the last decade has meant that the sophistication of the systems on offer has gone up and the cost has come down. Guard Security Systems will be happy to assess your company’s needs and recommend the right CCTV installation in London for you.

Fire Alarms , London
A fire alarm system is so important to have in a business premises. As the building is normally empty overnight, there will be nobody around to raise the alarm in the event of a fire breaking out. Added to that all the electronic equipment that is in an office, the risks of a fire are increased. Seriously consider having a fire alarm system that is connected to a security control centre 24/7. If a fire breaks out, the fire brigade will be summoned by the control centre and be on the scene quickly. This minimises the risk of severe damage from the fire.