Is Safety an Option or Priority for Your Business?

Your business is kind of like your child: you want to make sure it’s healthy, performing well, and that it’s safe. Running a business is hard work. Any business owner can attest to that. When things get stressful, and you’re busier than you’ve ever been, the last thing you need is to neglect the security of your building. Even if you’re working hard to keep your business thriving, you might be leaving it vulnerable to intruders and burglary if you’re not cautious.

For high quality service, and responsive, top-notch customer service, consider working with GuardSys™ to install the best security systems London has to offer. In addition to the basic security system model, GuardSys™ offers clients protection in the form of services from our alarm receiving centre, close protection for the influential, keyholding, mobile patrol, and consultancy.

Though running a successful business is a lot of work in and of itself, keeping that business safe from outside intruders, and general harm, is just as important. A stable, financially prosperous business can fall to pieces if it’s security system, or lack thereof, leaves it completely vulnerable. Consider our list of benefits for how each one of GuardSys™ carefully executed services can truly protect and offer state of the art services for your business.

Alarm Receiving Centre

GuardSys™’s top notch service will connect you with the appropriate kind of law enforcement should you experience an issue related to a break-in, fire, panic, or vulnerable worker. Remote control technology enables this service seamlessly, with no action necessary from the client other than to rely on the premium services provided. The alarm receiving centre also collects information from any GuardSys™ security cameras that are set up at your premises as well. Having these kind of security services greatly reduces concern and worry about safety from the client’s perspective, and allows everyone to focus working on what they’re best at.

Close Protection

Positions of power and influence don’t just entail hard work, they require high level protection as well. GuardSys™ offers supreme security service for their clients who are wealthy and/or people of great influence. Being in the public eye often puts you in a prime position for stalkers, kidnappings, and other horrible situations. Leaving yourself open to these kind of attacks is unwise, and can lead be compromising to your well-being.

GuardSys™ offers close protection from specially trained agents. All agents are trained in defense driving, first aid, special projects, and wartime situations for clients who are abroad. Regardless of where you are, GuardSys™’s close protection service will cover you 24/7. Agents, camouflaged in regular clothes, are trained to keep an eye on their clients at all time, assisting them in situations where the client would like to remain unseen or unrecognizable.


You want to make sure your business is protected in every way you know how, but we’re all human after all. Sometimes we misplace things. And, oftentimes, those “things” are our keys.

Many of us convince ourselves that we wouldn’t lose the keys to something as important as our own business. But no matter how disciplined and methodical you might be, accidents happen. You’re bound to misplace something at some point.

One of the best ways to make sure you’re never locked out is to entrust GuardSys™ to hold a copy of your keys for you. In the event of an emergency, vacation time, hospitalization, or any other event that could keep you away from the office for a prolonged period of time, GuardSys™ will assure that all of your lights and appliances are shut off, and that your building is secure in your absence.

Mobile Patrol

If you’re concerned about your business’ location, you need not fear. GuardSys™’s mobile patrol service is highly sought after, for good reason. These uniformed officers will monitor your property 24/7, and will act immediately should anything be of concern.


Being unsure about your security needs isn’t uncommon. That’s why GuardSys™ offers consultancy prior to installing any security features for your business. Through designs, concepts, and the completion of specs and drawings, GuardSys™ prepares a plan for the client that will offer the best kind of security service needed.