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Intruder Alarms London: Tips to keep your home safe

Holidays are always exciting, but it can be a headache leaving your home empty. There are several things you can do though to give you peace of mind that your home is safe while you take a well-deserved break.

Believe it or not, some people have intruder alarms London but choose not to use it regularly. It means your property is unsecured and you might not realize your system has a fault. So, when you set your intruder alarm and go on holiday it might not be working correctly.

Use intruder alarms London regularly and report faults as soon as you notice them to make sure they are fixed as soon as possible.

We get booked up quickly for intruder alarms London in the summer months as people want to make sure their home is safe while they’re away, so the sooner you let us know about a problem, the sooner we can fix it.

Most insurance companies will also insist that your intruder alarms London is serviced regularly. If it isn’t, you can’t make a successful claim because you didn’t do what you agreed to do.

Make sure all the doors and windows of your home, garages, sheds or any other outhouses are locked properly. To give you peace of mind, ask another member of your household to check all the doors and locks after you’ve locked them so that you all set off happy and worry-free.

A house sat in darkness at 9PM is a good indicator to burglars that no one is at home. Lights and lamp timers are a good way of creating the illusion that someone is at home.

If burglars find that four days’ worth of milk sat going off on your step and a three day old newspaper sticking out the letterbox, the burglars will be sure that you have gone on holiday. Deliveries are things that are easy to take for granted or forget about when you’re going on holiday. Set reminders on your calendar for a couple of weeks before you go, if you think you might forget.

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