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How Much Does An Intruder Alarm Cost?

A question that we’re most frequently asked on when we first speak to a customer is “how much does An Intruder Alarm Cost?” The main things that will effect the price of your intruder alarm system are:

Response Type
The most basic option for intruder alarm is usually an ‘Audible only system’ which will sound when an intruder is detected. The middle level offered is usually ‘key holder response’, in which case your system will contact a designated list of people – with access to the premises.

Top level response for your intruder alarm system is ‘Police Response’, where alarms are monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre who decide if an alarm activation requires passing to the Police.

Wired Vs Wireless
It’s a common misconception for customers to assume that a wireless intruder alarm system will be more expensive than a wired system because it is latest technology. However, it’s actually often the case that a wireless system works out to be cheaper, as it means that it takes less time and fewer cables.

The size of your intruder system will naturally have an effect on the price quoted to you; an averagely sized system with 4 or 5 zones will cost less than a larger system with 20+ zones.

Insurance requirements 
If you want to install an intruder alarm system, make sure you speak to your insurer about any requirements they have. Many insurers will specify a certain grade of intruder alarm system, before they will take it into account. It may have an effect on your quotation price because of the equipment or response types required.Also check the NSI or SSAIB websites to find approved installers.

Equally though, a professionally installed and maintained intruder alarm system can often bring preferential terms, and an average saving of around 7.5% on your home insurance premium!

More Advice
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