How businesses can benefit from CCTV System design by GuardSys ™

At Guard Security Systems we specialise in providing security systems and solutions to our customers to give our clients peace of mind. With CCTV from GuardSys ™, our buyers can be assured that their premises are always safe and there business is always protected.

According to government statistics, the most common crimes affecting commercial businesses are vandalism and robberies; during robberies, the most common items targeted are goods and stock, which is costly to the business owner concerned.

The government statistics also show that there were more than 214,000 incidents of burglary at business premises throughout 2012. It was also found that a premises is more likely to be broken into at the weekend and the issue of weekend burglaries was more prevalent in the manufacturing industry.

Getting CCTV or upgrading your CCTV is a wise move if you own a business as no one wants to pay the additional costs of extra insurance premiums or losing stock if they don’t have to. If you are planning to invest in CCTV then you’ll want to know your security system is effective as possible. This means investing in a well-designed surveillance system to ensure your premises is kept safe at all times.

Guard Security Systems uses a vital tool that allows us to offer additional security to our customers. Our  CCTV design software can help us plan your CCTV system right down to the last minute detail, ensuring that we have you got you covered from every angle.

Our software also makes security more affordable as it will ensure that CCTV is installed in the best locations problems, which means there is no unnecessary expense of having CCTV installed where it isn’t at its most effective.

By using a video design tool, we can ensure that your CCTV is the most effective possible.  With our unique design software we can plan precise locations to ensure that all areas are covered and this will give our customers guaranteed peace of mind.

With our software, we can choose the best camera angles and calculate the optimum lens focal length.

2D and 3D modelling will help to cover any dead zones that might otherwise be missed. The software also makes it possible to calculate HDD storage space and upload storage plans to AutoCAD, Visio or Google Earth.

With Guard Security Systems, our customers not only get an expertly designed CCTV, they also get the additional protection and extra security, too.

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