GuardSys™- Home and business security solutions for everyone

There isn’t a worse feeling in the world than realizing that your house has fallen victim to burglary. Imagine arriving home and seeing an opened door, half of your belongings trashed and most of your valuables missing. After something like this happens, it’s hard to feel safe at home, the place where you should feel most safe in the first place. Every sound, no matter how familiar it might be, is viewed as a threat. In order to avoid such scenarios, you should invest into secure doors (anti-theft is the best option as there is a very small chance the burglars will be able to open them), but you should also think about a security system. Not everyone is able to afford security systems, but burglar alarms have evolved quite a bit during the last several years. Today you can acquire wireless intruder alarms that will keep track of any movement in your house while you are away. Should they detect movement where there shouldn’t be any, the alarm will go off.

The crime rates in London fluctuate from year to year, but crime is always present, so investing into some extra security would be a wise choice. There is one security provider that can help you with choosing what type of security would be good for you: GuardSys™ London. Their trained professionals are here to give you a helping hand. Should you need advice and more information on various systems and equipment they offer, do not worry; they will explain everything to you in detail.
Home owners will be interested in their burglar and fire alarms. They have the best home security system London is able to offer you at this time. Before they install their home security system, they will visit your home, do a screening and draft the installation plans in order to provide the best possible security. If you think that your budget may be too small, you are mistaken. GuardSys™ provides affordable alarmstoo. Of course, the more you can invest, the more sophisticated the alarm will be. One very common option for homeowners is the bell only alarm, as this quickly scares off any prowlers that might roam around your premises. The monitored alarm costs a bit more; when the alarm goes off, it will connect to your GSM network or phone line and alert the local law enforcement that there might be a home invasion in progress. The most affordable option is the speech dialer – it will dial the family, friends or dedicated keyholder when it goes off. If you are able to invest a bit more, you will be happy to know that GuardSys™ also offers infrared movement detectors, portable panic buttons, external self-actuating sirens and decoy covers as well.

Business owners will be delighted to know that GuardSys™ offers one of the best access control systems London has available. Their access control systems are equipped with logs of check-ins and checkouts. More and more businesses are interested in installing such solutions, and GuardSys™ is able to provide them. They have it all: CCTV systems London, guard security, video and audio entry systems and more. As with home owners, before installing any security equipment in your offices, they will do a thorough screening of the premises and draft the optimal setup: everything will be covered and there won’t be any dead angles.GuardSys™ is also able to provide mobile patrols around the premises who will scan the areas and continuously cruise around them. Should they detect a suspect, they are also trained to execute stealth tracking of the suspect.