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Eight gate automation issues need to be avoided easily

Gate Automation issues which can be avoided easily

1) Make sure the gate automation works

Any gate to be automated must work properly. Gate Automation will not overcome problems with an incorrectly installed gate.



2) Gates on slopes

Avoid fitting gates in situations that run uphill.  It may complicate the situation and put a strain on the gate automation.  It can be done but we suggest you to avoid it if possible.

3) Is it up to the job?

Make sure that the equipment chosen is suitable and meets the specifications as laid down by the manufacturer. If you fail to do that it will invalidate the guarantee.

4) Professional gate automation

Gate automation equipment should be fitted by a profession installer like us.  It may cost a little more but you will then have someone who will take full responsibility for the installation as well as carrying out a proper risk assessment as required by law.

5) Environment

Environmental conditions must be considered for gate automation, particularly the effect of wind on a gate.  Even an ‘open railing’ gate will present a degree of wind resistance, and close wooded gates are just like a sail in strong wind.

6) Means of opening gates

Make sure how you want to open the gate both from inside and outside.  Typical alternatives include – Keypads/card access, Radio remotes, vehicle detectors, push-buttons, ground loops/probe and GSM via cell phone.

7) Trade Access

Consideration must be given to necessity for access to trades people such as postmen, gardeners, dustmen etc. This is often achieved by connecting a button or one of the above means of access to a time clock which would allow the gate to be operated by a less secure means only at certain times of day.

8) Self-locking motors

You cannot rely on a ‘locking’ operator to provide total security to your gate.  The addition of extra locks will make it much more difficult to force a gate open and in extreme circumstances bollards have been fitted in front or behind a gate to improve security.

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Gate Automation

Gate Automation Servicing And Maintenance

Design, installation, servicing and maintenance of  gate automation

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