Flame Blame – Don’t Let a Fire Ruin Your Home

In a matter of seconds, a fire can devastate your life. It only takes a mere matter of seconds to lose everything you own, love, and possibly your own livelihood. Most of us don’t realize the dire consequences of fire damage until we are met with a dangerous situation ourselves, or a loved one is seriously affected. Don’t wait until it’s too late to begin to take the proper security measures to avoid the hazards of fires.

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In addition to relying on our services, we’ve put together a list of tips that you can follow to greatly reduce your chances of starting a fire in and around your home.

Turn off all appliances before you leave the hous

We’ve all heard the stories: You left the iron on because you were rushing to get to work, or you left a dish to cook in the oven because it needed to bake for several hours and you’d only be out of the house for 30 minutes. We all make simple mistakes, like leaving the iron on, but choosing to purposely leave something in the oven while no one is home, can lead to very dangerous consequences. For example, you might think your cake needs to be in the oven for one hour, but you will only be gone for 15 minutes, but you end up in a traffic altercation, delaying your return home. At that point, you may have started a serious fire that could have completely devastated your home.

Watch your pots

Similar to our first tip, you should always stay in the kitchen if you’re cooking. Contents in your pots could boil over, causing a fire, along with many other potential scenarios. It may be kind of tedious to watch a pot of water boil, but it is better than burning down your entire kitchen.

Keep young children away from the stove and other kitchen appliances

Young children often want to emulate your actions. They see Mom and Dad making tea or coffee, and yearn to do the same. Most of us know to keep our children away from the kitchen appliances, however, children move quickly, and often act without reservation. If you’re not paying attention to them closely, they could start a kitchen fire unknowingly.

Be careful if you smoke inside your house

Smoking in bed, especially if you’re tired, can be considerably dangerous if you do not extinguish cigarettes properly. Make sure you put them out completely before tossing them aside. Always dispose of cigarettes in an ash tray.

Don’t leave matches or lighters within reach of children

Matches and lighters are especially dangerous if accessible to children. Put these away in drawers, preferably ones with child-safety locks.

Be careful when using space heaters

Space heaters can provide a wonderful source of heat, but these convenient heat providers can become major inconveniences in a matter of minutes if used improperly. Be sure to keep your space heater at least four feet away from things that can burn. You should also turn all space heaters off during the nighttime, and keep them out of reach from children.

Have a fire escape route

Although there are a number of precautions we can take to preventing fires, disasters still happen sometimes. The best thing to do is to be prepared for emergencies. Come up with a fire escape route for you and your family so that you can leave your home as safely as possible if there were to be a fire. Hold fire drills during different times of the day and night so that you and your family can practice escaping from a fire should one occur.