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Fire Alarms London: Need to create a Fire Escape Plan

Having a proper escape plan can mean the difference between life and death in a fire situation. A fire can spread so quickly and can become dangerous and life threatening within 2 minutes of its start. It is must to move without delay when evacuating. If you have fire alarms London and make a plan to develop, it should be practiced at least twice a year.

Developing your plan with fire alarms London

If you want to develop your plan with fire alarms London, you should include two ways to exit each room. The primary exit should be the door leading into the room and the secondary exit can be a window or alternative door. When your primary exit will be blocked by smoke or fire, you can use your secondary exit.

If your window is the secondary exit, you need to make sure they are not stuck and can be opened easily and quickly. Screens need to be able to come out quickly and if you have security bars, they need to release properly. If your window is located on a second floor or higher, you should purchase a collapsible ladder. When purchasing an escape ladder, only buy one which is evaluated by a nationally recognized lab.

Practice your plan will make sure everyone in your family understands and practices the escape plan. You want to include how to properly open locked or barred windows and doors. Practice feeling your way out of the house low towards the floor with your eyes closed, in case you have a fire involving heavy smoke. When in a fire situation, smoke is heavier the higher up you are. Staying low to the ground is the best place to be.

Here is some additional fire safety tips. If you have any children in your house, make sure to teach them not to hide from firefighters. Firefighters are there to help them get to safety. If your child’s school does not offer a fire prevention program, you should go to local firehouse and have them give your child a quick tour. It can be very helpful to familiar your children with firefighters.

You should sleep at night with your doors closed. If you get a sound from an alarm, you want to check your door immediately to feel for heat. If the door knob is hot to the touch or you see smoke coming in under or around your door, use your secondary escape route as quickly as possible.

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