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Fire Alarm London: Which is better, a conventional or addressable system?

Businesses use the most common types of fire alarm London – conventional and addressable systems. Both types of systems link devices such as call points and smoke detectors to a main control panel.

The main difference between conventional and addressable system is that with addressable fire alarm London, you can pinpoint exactly which device has been activated.

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How do the two fire alarms differ? 

Every device connected to the addressable system has its own unique address. With the unique address you can easily pinpoint which device has been activated. When detecting a fire, the device’s address shows up on the main control panel and with it you can find the exact location of a fire and extinguish them quickly.

On the other hand, with a conventional alarm system, there is no way to find out the exact device which has been activated and it can be little difficult to find out the location of the fire. But you can get a general idea of where the fire is by wiring your building into different zones such as zone 1, zone 2 and so on.

Wiring differences

Addressable alarm systems connect devices using a loop. With this all the devices are connected with one wire.

With a conventional alarm, each device will be connected to the control panel via its own wire. One end of the wire will be touching the control panel, and another touching the device.

Which is the cheaper fire alarm London for you?

Conventional fire alarm London cost a lot less to buy but are more expensive to install. Because all the devices connected to the control panel needs its own wire. With addressable systems, several devices can be connected to the control panel with one wire loop. This means conventional systems require more wire and more man hours during the installation phase.

Overall About Fire Alarm London

Functionally, the addressable fire alarm London is superior to conventional system, which can help save time and prevent costly activities when a fire is detected. But in terms of buying price, a conventional system is cheaper, and can be the best fire alarms London for small premises where a sophisticated fire alarm London is not necessary.

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