Christmas Exposed – Safeguarding Your Home for the Holidays

Christmas decorations have been in stores for weeks, and people will be headed to malls and stores to shop vigorously during and after the Thanksgiving holiday. Though holidays usually represent a time of joy, giving, and family, they can also attract danger and worry.Burglaries are a reality – despite all of the tinsel and confections. Are you prepared?

GuardSys™ provides the best home security systems in London, equipped to help protect you,your family, and your personal property with access control systems, fire alarms, and home security systems.GuardSys™ listens to your needs–we take care of you so you don’t need to worry.With ecurity protection from GuardSys™, you can assure your safety will be top-of-mind this holiday season. In addition to relying on our services, we’ve put together a list of things you can do to prevent break-ins and burglaries.

1. Don’t put decorations or gifts in front of your windows
You may want to show off your Christmas tree, presents, or whatever decorations or fancy items you may have floating around the house, but doing so might entice a burglar to plan for a visit.Consider moving your flashier items away from your windows and drawing the curtains prior to leaving the house.

2. Don’t leave change or gifts in your car
Most of us toss spare change in our car because we don’t want it to weigh down our pockets or purses. But leaving money, no matter how small of an amount it is,in plain view is bait for a neighborhood lurker. In other words, you’re leaving your home and family vulnerable to burglars by sending them a message that you have extra money to spare. Consider hiding your spare change somewhere that no one can see if you wish to leave it in your car for emergency purposes.Similarly, if you’re hiding gifts in your car on behalf of Santa, you’re also putting yourself at risk for burglary. Instead, put all purchased items inside your house or lock them in your trunk where they will not be visible to onlookers.

3. Don’t leave empty gift boxes on the curb
Trash is better outside of your house.We all know this, however, a potential thief may think you’re wealthy if you continue putting empty gift boxes from expensive items like electronics, washers and dryers, video games, exercise equipment, and popular children’s toys outside your home. A burglar might think you have these items inside your house,which you probably would since you put the boxes out on the curb. Basically, you’re advertising for a potential burglar.

4. Lock all of your doors and windows
This one might seem like a given, however, a lot of people leave one or more doors unlocked at their home to let in loved ones at their convenience. You might not mind your children being able to come inside the house after school when you’re not there, but you will mind if a burglar comes inside your house because you failed to lock the front door. Similarly, you should also keep your windows locked whenever you are not at home.

5. Be careful of what you post on social media sites
Social media is great for sharing your life updates with friends and family, but it can also lead an unexpected visitor to your home. Even if you plan on sharing information about your upcoming vacation or your home’s address with a close friend, be sure to share this information with them in a private message, as opposed to a status update, or something that could potentially be seen by the general public. Never post your full address, or prolonged periods of time when you may not be at home.
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