cctv maintenance contract

Ensure You Have a CCTV Maintenance Contract

Installing a CCTV System can be costly, so you will want to be certain that the equipment is adequately insured and that you have a CCTV Maintenance Contract in place in case of problems.

A CCTV Maintenance Contract is recommended by any reputable security company as part of the installation of the CCTV System and to ensure you receive excellent after sales service. The CCTV Installer should provide ongoing assistance with any problems to enhance the reputation of the security company.

If you have CCTV maintenance contact, we will ensure that you are covered under the guarantee at least for the parts and, as agents, resolve any problems with the manufacturer. If faulty equipment has to be returned to the manufacturer, we will provide an immediate replacement so that your premises are protected and security is not compromised. We will return any faulty equipment to the manufacturer at their cost. It is recommended that this is written as a clause into the CCTV Maintenance Contract so there are no misunderstandings.

The CCTV Maintenance Contract can also include an annual or more frequently system check as per your requirements. Cameras may need refocusing after a while, and you may decide that you wish to relocate cameras from one place to another. If you have a CCTV Maintenance Contract from us, you will potentially be more likely to consider the focusing and recording functions of the system and ensure that they are in full working order as they should be.

We will recommend upgrades or re-calibration of your system if there is a regular schedule of visits to your premises under the CCTV Maintenance Contract. We will also give you advice on new technology available and provide options for your consideration.

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