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CCTV for Home: Why Smart People Choose CCTV

CCTV for home can be the best way to protect our home. Following are some reasons why smart people choose CCTV for home:

CCTV for Home is a Major Deterrent to the bad guys. Burglars carefully select the premises they are going to target, even they take several days to decide the weakest home. CCTV cameras at night are very noticeable by their Infrared LEDs which enable night vision. Burglars see this very quickly and can move on easily.

CCTV for home gives you peace of mind. By installing CCTV for home you are making your defenses stronger and therefore offering you the comfort of knowing that you are amongst the smartest 3% and have done more than the other 97% of home owners do to protect their belongings.

Access your CCTV Cameras on a mobile phone allows you see in real time, current status at home. Lets say you get a text from your burglar alarm while you are on holidays, you can go to the application running on your smart phone and check the status of your house.

There is some wiring involved, it is quick and non-disruptive in almost all cases. Installation of your CCTV for home can be done in a single day some cases with full access set up for you on Smartphone, PC and Mac.

With a 4 CCTV Camera System connected to a 1TB Digital Video Recorder with access via Smartphone, PC and Mac will cost less than £1500.00. Adding an annual service to ensure your equipment is up to date and fully operational when you need it means CCTV for home is a smart move.

It is our contention that home owners who install CCTV for home will practically ensure the safety of their belongings and family. To get the best installation and maintenance service of CCTV for home, GET INTOUCH WITH US NOW

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