Buying a New Home – What Security Features to Look For

House hunting inLondonis an exciting, but stressful time for most people. There is so much to think of. Is the house the right size, in the right place, is there anything wrong with it, can we afford it, can we get a mortgage? The list is endless….

In all the excitement, one important thing is often overlooked and that is the security of the property. You may well have found your dream house, but will you live happy ever after in it?

Londonis a thriving and vibrant city, but this brings with it a high crime rate. It is important that you and your family feel happy and secure when you in your own home, so security is an important consideration.

Here are few things to be considered when looking for a new home:

Location, location, location
Never has this expression been more true when it comes to the security of your chosen property. Make sure you check out the crime rate in the area of the new house. It might be your ideal home, but if you don’t feel safe letting your children walk to the shops, then maybe you should reconsider. Have a look at the GuardSys™ website to get the local crime statistics.It is not necessarily the overall figure that is important when considering the security of your new home, but the figure for burglary and related crimes.

Burglar Alarms, London
Does the house already have a good quality burglar alarm in good working order? If it does, that’s great. If it doesn’t, then consider asking Guardsys London to visit the property to survey the property and recommend the right burglar alarm for you.

Video Entry System
Consider the cost of installing a video entry system if the property doesn’t already have one. Guard Security Systems will be happy to advise you.

Doors and Windows
Check that the windows are of a good quality, secure and lockable and that the keys are available.

Are the front and back doors secured, with good quality locks that will be approved by your insurance company? Many insurance firms will consider your policy invalid if the locks are not of a suitable standard.

A lot of people don’t realise that having copies of security keys made is quite an expensive process. If the house only comes with one set of keys for the doors and windows, then remember to budget for new keys.

Fire/Smoke Alarms
Does the property have fire/smoke alarms installed? A vital piece of safety equipment to alert you to the early stages of a fire breaking out, the larger the property, the more alarms you will need, thus increasing the cost.

Check to see if the property has any outside lighting. Burglars are immediately put off if a light comes on, as they thrive on secrecy. Lights with motion sensors are ideal, so that they light up if there is any movement. Outside lighting is particularly important if any part of the property is secluded or not overlooked.