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Burglar Alarm System: Are You Getting The Best Maintenance Service?

Some people think of maintenance contract for their burglar alarm system as a necessary evil, which they might associate with long waits or unexpected charges.  

Keeping your burglar alarm system properly maintained and serviced is important for keeping your premises safe. If you allow your system to go without servicing it can void your insurance policy and leave your property vulnerable. The benefit you should be seeing from the maintenance contract on your burglar alarm system is that it’s kept in full working order, quick response times from your provider to ensure your property isn’t at risk and no surprise charges.

How often does my burglar alarm system need to be serviced?

If you have an audible, non-monitored burglar alarm system your insurer would expect it to be serviced every 12 months. For monitored police calling systems, the police require that it is serviced every six months. As well as complying with insurance and police requirements, all new systems have to be certified under European standards.

During maintenance, your burglar alarm system will be checked over to ensure that at that point in time it is working correctly, there are no issues such as faulty equipment or signaling not working.

What you can expect from GuardSys burglar alarm system maintenance contract

Looking after the maintenance service for burglar alarm system should not be a hassle or something you dread because of unexpected charges or waiting weeks for someone to fix a problem.

We don’t believe in nasty surprises and will not charge you to reset your system. We also explain to our customers what they will and won’t be charged for, based on their maintenance agreement of burglar alarm system.

Customers who pay for maintenance will take priority over non-maintained customers. We always do our best to get out to non-maintained customers as soon as we can.

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