burglar alarm installation

A Monitored Burglar Alarm Installation is what you need

Nowadays burglar alarm installation is must for every home owner, and its importance is known by all.  But it’s not just enough to install any generic system, but one which gives you the best security for your property. With the advanced technology, the bells-only burglar alarm installation is becoming redundant, whereas the monitored burglar alarm installation is taking over.


Monitored burglar alarm systems are connected to a designated alarm receiving center (ARC). In case there is any illicit intrusion into a property, the burglar alarm triggers off and send a signal through wireless technology to the ARC. As soon as ARC receives such a signal, it will contact the owner of the property so that the required action can be taken. If ARC is unable to contact with the owner of the property, the nominated key-holders are notified about the signal. In instances where contact with the owner of the property or the nominated key-holders can’t be established, the police are informed quickly, so that they can gain control over the situation at the earliest possible.


Enjoy the benefits of the burglar alarm monitoring services

The owner of the property has to be borne an additional monthly or yearly cost, for enjoying the benefits of the burglar alarm monitoring services, apart from the one-time cost of burglar alarm installation. However, with the benefits of burglar alarm monitoring service, it is completely worth money. Monitored alarm systems are under the surveillance of the ARC at all points of time so that none of the signals go unnoticed. If there is a signal being received at any time of the day, it is ensuring that a prompt response is generated, in order to safeguard property.


With the advanced technology, it is highly unlikely that a false alarm goes off. With the introduction of pet-friendly burglar alarm installation, the possibility of triggering off of the alarm due to the movement of the pets is almost eliminated. This makes these burglar alarm highly proficient.

burglar alarm installation

Burglar Alarm Installation in Whole London Areas

After burglar alarm installation, the system is constantly monitored from ARC, any inconsistency in the system can be tracked easily. Rectifications are done instantly so that the functioning of the burglar alarm system doesn’t get affected.


So if, you too are planning to get your home secured, try looking for the best burglar alarm installation, which comes with monitoring services. All you need to do is to give us a call on 0207 887 2244 or book a free survey. We provide monitored burglar alarm installation in all London areas.

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