Benefits of Having an Access Control System in London

Friend or Foe: Who is Knocking at Your Door?

When there is a knock on the door or the bell rings, wouldn’t you like to know who is there before opening the door? One type of access control system is a video/audio entry system that allows you to do exactly that.

Crime rates across the country have been rising steadily over the last decade. It is a sad fact of life that towns, cities and villages have all been affected. London is a buzzing and vibrant city and is a great place to live, but like most cities, it has a high crime rate. With over 700,000 crimes in a year, Londoners have to be savvy when it comes to installing any home security system.

Benefits of Having an Access Control System in London

• An audio or video entry system (one type of access control system), can give you peace of mind that you are secure in your own home.
• An audio only system means you can have a conversation with the person at the door, so you know exactly why they are visiting.
• A video system allows you can see exactly who is at the door as well as having the audio facility.
• You have full control over who does and does not enter the property. Some systems have a control button, letting you open the door if you want the person to enter.

Where can a Video or Audio Entry System in London be Installed?
Whilst most access control systems in London are wired, recent advancements in technology mean that there are now wireless systems available. Whilst these are more expensive, it allows a video or audio system to be installed in practically any building where there is a power source.Access control systems, London are ideal for:

• Flats and apartments
• Houses
• Offices
• Warehouses
• Schools
• Any restricted area where security clearance is needed

Costs of Installing a Video or Audio Entry System in LondonWhen considering your budget before buying an video or audio entry system, there are two things to consider:
• The cost of the equipment. Remember, the more features in the system, the higher the cost. Therefore, it follows that a wireless, video access control system with a door entry facility will eat into your budget more than a basic audio only system.A basic access control audio system can cost as little as approximately £350, so is within the reach of most budgets.Video systems start at around £470 upwards for a basic system.
• Installation. Many basic systems are simple to install. So if you are competent at DIY, you can save yourself the cost of installation.

I Need Someone to Install the System for me!
Not everyone wants or is able to install even the most basic of systems themselves and would rather pay a professional company to do the work for them.Guard Security Systems, London are a qualified and professional security systems company who specialise in the security market. Providing the most up to date advice and access control system London has to offer , we will advise on the best product for your needs and install at a time to suit you. You will also have the benefit of a great after sales service in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

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