automated gates

5 Problems with Automated Gates and How to Fix Them

Often the largest number of calls we get are for issues with non-working automated gates. Happily, most of them are simple fixes – here’s our top 5.

Vermin / Insects

A very common issue can be Geckos and ants which prevents automated gates from opening or closing. They like to hide in warm places such as the photo safety sensors or control boxes, so you need to check these areas regularly. Simply use a soft dry cloth to gently clean them away.

Automated Gates Tracks

Sliding automated gates are the most common gates used for domestic or commercial use. Your automated gates may stick, and keep the motor from working smoothly for Sticks, leaves, stones and other obstructions. But a simple garden broom will do the trick in removing them.

Manual Mode

From time to time you may require to put your automated gates in manual mode. There are a lot of factors for this and to name a couple: you may have a loss of power due to a blackout or you may be due for your annual service which is why your gate will not open or close automatically.

Manual Release Mode is essential in opening or closing your automated gates until your power is back on, or a technician arrives so you are not putting any strain on the motor.

Power Outage

We often get call outs where automated gates is not opening or closing at all. We believe that the biggest hidden secret for this is that the power at automated gates position has been ‘switched off’. You need to make sure that the power is ‘switched on’ first!

If however, the power is ‘switched on’ and automated gates motor is still not working, try another appliance in the power point to ensure that you do have power from the socket. If that appliance works, you need to put your automated gates motor into ‘Manual Mode’.

Remote Controls

When your remote control’s light is no longer flashing, that indicates the battery of the remote controller needs to replace. Replacement batteries can be purchased from any supermarket.

If the light is still not flashing after replacing the battery, in most cases this is letting you know that your remote control has passed its ‘use by date’ and you need to replace it. Contact your technician who will be able to supply and program a new one to your existing automated gates motor.