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Intruder Alarm Repair in London

Alarm Installers In London – Personalized Alarm Design

Alarm installers in London need to know the city, risks areas and the best methods of designing an impenetrable alarm layout.

Crime never rests and new standards of security systems are constantly being created.

Knowing the current trends in crime prevention is important when determining the alarm installation layout and providing the maximum protection for the client’s needs and budget.

You should only be satisfied with an all-round approach that evaluates your entire home or office and installs a alarm system that protects all of the vulnerable points.

Not every alarm installer in London can do that. It takes years of experience and staying up to date with crime statistics, new methods of crime prevention and overall a determination to provide a secure and properly installed alarm system.

That is why you should look for reputable alarm installers that have been around for a long time.

The GuardSysTM has over 45 years of combined industry experience and we have installed alarms for thousands of clients. Our customers are individual homeowners, landlords, small and big business offices, warehouses and even institutions. We are alro NSI GOLD Approved Company.

A lot of different experiences has lead us to the conclusion that it does make a difference who installs your alarm system. Here is what can happen if you hire the wrong firm to perform an alarm system installation.


Security Flaws That Happen From Inexperienced Installation

Let’s start from the beginning.

Poor design – If the person designing a layout doesn’t take all security risks in the account then there will be an angle of approach that a burglar can abuse. This takes years of experience and willingness to thoroughly examine the property and find a secure layout for all of the alarm system components like sensors, audible devices, integrations with other systems and the alarm main control panel.

Improper sensor setup – If the sensors are poorly set up they will be of no use. If the sensor doesn’t cover a good enough range or simply scans above the burglar’s head then the alarm will not go off. On top of that, if the sensors are too sensitive and constantly create false alarms, you will need to pay for repairs down the road and loos trust in your alarm system.

Poor after installation testing – After everything has been setup, the inexperienced alarm installers in London may easily miss their own faults and fail at recalibrating the alarm components.

Bad wiring and overall installation – If the elements are installed in a non-standard way and the wiring between the devices is poorly done, the next engineer that has to work on the system will have a tough time and this will leave your alarm system vulnerable. It is often the case when inexperienced alarm installers in London perform the alarm installation that there are many technical faults that will lead to increased repair costs down the line.

alarm installers in London

Why Should You Hire GuardSys For Alarm Installation

Our alarm installers in London are all highly educated alarm engineers and hold a Master’s degree in electronic engineering but even more importantly they have years of experience working with almost every alarm system in UK market.

Burglar alarms, intruder alarms or fire alarms, we can install, repair, maintain or upgrade. We have thousands of satisfied customers and they are our best “commercial”.

Our alarm engineers will thoroughly examine your premises and find all of the vulnerable spots in accordance with today’s standards and criminal breaking-in methods.

Our alarm installers in London have secured so many homes and businesses that we have a deep understanding of exactly where and how to install the motion detection sensors, infrared sensors, window breaking sensors, CCTVs and other visible or hidden elements of the alarm system.

The alarm installation is a complex process that should result in deterring crime. The alarm should never go off preferably. If the crime is deterred then that is the best case scenario and you can significantly improve the chances of criminals looking elsewhere if the alarm is properly done.

Book us now and let’s make your property safe!  Why not also check our Office Security Systems & Access Control System Installation

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