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Mobile Patrol


patrol.jpgGuard Security Systems (GuardSys™) is confident to offer you one of our most in-demand services, Mobile Patrol. We use uniformed security officers ready for action, to scan high-crime areas with continuous cruising services. We don’t overwork our patrol officers in order to keep them rested and alert. Unlike some security services with a slave-mentality approach. This means a shift change every eight hours. Our Mobile Patrol sets an important deterrent in restraining risk incidents from occurring at public and private locales in the community.

Our eagle-eyed, officially outfitted Mobile Patrol officers work in pairs. They perform a risk assessment and log predominate observations into laptops. They strategize which method they will apply, either stationary parking or a roving procedure. We also use stealth maneuvers to tail the suspect.


Value plus Solutions Adds up to Quality

We add value to our services by verifying with the customer we have the situation under control. And we provide solutions cultivated to meet our client’s unique circumstances.

We offer solutions in commercial and entrepreneurial endeavors. We keep our valued clients informed to remove the onus of possible threatening incidents, so they can focus on matters at hand.

 control_room.jpgUnder the Dome of Protection

GuardSys™ has an extensive list of Mobile Patrol services. For example we offer Event Management. Patrol officer’s design and choose safe routes, perform crowd control, log in reports once the scene has been secured, and erect an invisible screen of protection with thought-out strategy solutions.

GuardSys™ Mobile Patrol is available 24 hours a day including holidays, to assist, secure, manage, intervene, and prevent with our risk assessment policies. We pledge to serve you to the highest degree possible, when you choose GuardSys™ Mobile Patrol. We’re the wise choice, the only choice, a choice you won’t regret.

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