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keyholding.jpgOne of the most vexing common occurrences in one’s personal or business life is losing your keys. Damn. It gets more embarrassing the older you get, because now you’re having “senior moments”. But GuardSys™ can save you from yourself with our Keyholding services.

Keyholders take care of Business

GuardSys™ will keep your house, apartment, vehicle, or business workspace keys at its Keyholder facility. It’s a service GuardSys™ has created for your security, convenience, and safety.

GuardSys™ record-keeping insures the acknowledged receipt of, proper compartmentalized storage in, and expedient recovery and return of your keys.

Our Keyholding team guarantees every customer that passes through our portals has a duplicate set of keys for life’s predicaments. It could be running late for work or school, lack of sleep, being over-worked, distracted, and a dozen other reasons people lose or mis-place their keys.

How many times in life will you lose your keys? One, two, three? Probably more than a dozen if you live to be a 100.

Lock-Smiths get Cranky, but Keyholder Services Don’t

A cost-saving benefit is no need to call a lock-smith. Ever! They don’t like being roused from sleep at three a.m. on a Saturday morning because you had amazing night out. Or dropped your keys in the gutter while trying to open your car door. With a call from your mobile phone to our Keyholding customer service, we will deliver your replacement keys to your current location.

Keyholder Auxiliary Services Puts Your Business to Bed

Other services a Keyholder employees can perform:
• Early morning or late night security checks.
• Shut-off of electric coffeemakers and the like.
• Shut-off of lights
• Inspection of bathroom, lunchroom, or bathing facilities to look for leaks.
• 24/7 mobile security patrol checks
• On alarm activation we will attend the property and inspect it for brake-in

Whether you’re on a business trip, holiday, leave of absence, abroad, hospitalized, or otherwise unavailable, you can rest assured GuardSys ™ Keyholder service will be looking out for you by keeping your keys under safe lock-and-key at secure facility.

To find out more or ask questions about our Keyholder service click here and we’ll be happy to help you feel more in control in your life.




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