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Access control system installation, Audio and video entry system Installation, CCTV System Installation,Maintenance,Repair, Wired,Wireless and Hybrid Intruder and Burglar alarm,Installation,Maintenance,Upgrade, Fire alarms.

Guard Security
Guard Security

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Guard Security


Based in London, Guard Security Systems or GuardSys ™ provide a range of hi-tech security systems to help ensure that your premises gets the best possible protection at all times.We are Hikvision Authorised Installer for UK.

Whatever the need is, GuardSys™ gets you, your family and your premises covered.

We provide only the highest quality of equipment and all of our team are experts at what they do. GuardSys™ offers a complete system for all of your security needs.

Krasimir Veselinov, the Chief Operations Manager of GuardSys ™ has been involved in the industry for years. Veselinov uses his experience to make sure that only the best security systems are used. In addition, GuardSys ™ employs only the best team of designers, surveyors, security engineers and installers.So our customers can always be confident in the quality of service that they receive from us.

Whether you want a system for personal or commercial use, GuardSys ™ can design the best security system for your needs and keep your home and your business safe from harm.With Access control,Audio and Video entry, CCTV installations, Intruder,Burglar and Fire Alarms, the company provides complete protection.

At GuardSys ™ we pride ourself on efficient installation and quality of service. We are there for our customers twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.If your current security system is malfunctioning, you want advice on upgrading a system, or you have decided to invest in your first security system, then the expert team at GuardSys™ can help you.

We offer a host of options that are built and executed to make our clients feel safe and comfortable no matter where they are. Backed up by our customer care they are the pinnacle of secure services.


As well as our state-of-the-art security systems, we also offer a range of other security services that you will find detailed below

Close Protection Officers

Our Close Protection Officers are assigned to work with some of the world’s most powerful and wealthy people. Whatever your requirements, GuardSys ™ can give you protection and peace of mind around the clock. Our staff are trained to protect against ransom attempts, kidnappings and stalking.We also offers a team of experienced Protective Surveillance Officers. They will provide undercover protection for any occasion.

Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol has fast become one of our most sought after services. Mobile patrol staff work in high crime areas providing a high level of security for our clients.


There are few things more inconvenient than losing a vital key. With GuardSys ™, there is no need to worry if that happens to you as we can keep a copy of your key, and you can be confident, that should the matter arise, then we have it stored safely for you.

In addition, our key holding team can carry out early morning and late evening checks, a 24-7 mobile security service, and if anything should trigger an alarm, we can take care of that for you too,

Alarm Receiving Centre

Our Alarm Receiving Centre can help keep your premises safe from intruders and fire. Our alarm systems will also serve to protect vulnerable workers such as people who might be working on their own or in a remote location.

Consultant Services.

The company offers advice in the nature of a consultant, that help design CCTV placement points and how to make sure that blind spots are minimized and that there are no weaknesses in the system. The goal of this activity is to enhance the ability of a system, and to make it virtually impervious to attempts aimed at bypassing it.



Clients Reviews

Through our dealings with your company we have found you to be very professional, thorough and always on time. Overall the services provided have been excellent.

Sarah Miller

Engineers arrived precisely on time when there were expected They were polite and very helpful. They completed the job very efficiently and showed a lot of technical knowledge. Areas were tidy and left in exact order as before when job was completed.Thank you for a great service.

Mr E.Foster

I have upgraded my old CCTV system with a Full HD CCTV from Guard Security Systems. It’s amazing!! The clarity of CCTV surprised me a lot and the support from Guard Security Systems was great too. Overall, great quality with a reasonable price and tech support. I recommend Guard Security Systems to everyone